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The Big Zero
Training Program

Become a Big Zero training partner and deliver career-enhancing green skills to your students.

Big Zero delivery is designed as a collaborative journey


We offer a ready to go, accredited training program and deliver two stages of it. We handle all the paperwork with the Carbon Literacy Project and fulfil the accredited Carbon Literacy trainer role. We also offer bonus elements of drop in clinics for student action plans and personal feedback on them.


A partner in a like minded community of people wanting to inspire understanding and positive action in the younger generation. You co-deliver elements that are customized to your local setting.

The Training Journey

Embark on a transformative learning experience with the Big Zero Training Program.

Stage 1

The climate and you

Face to face session delivered by you and guided by our Big Zero training guide.

Young adults being taught in classroom

Stage 2

Climate impacts, inequalities & action

Delivered virtually by our accredited Carbon Literacy trainer.

Virtual conference in lecture hall

Stage 3

Taking positive action

Delivered virtually by our accredited Carbon Literacy trainer.

Stage 4

Big Zero Field Trip

An engaging practical experience of local climate-positive action you organize. If you’re stuck for finding a local partner, we can help identify one.

Educational session at Field Trip

Stage 5

Writing an action plan

Your students commit to achieving changes in their lives that will reduce carbon output. They must demonstrate they understand the extent of the impact these changes will have. We’ll submit them to the accrediting body, the Carbon Literacy Project.

Critiquing notes on a whiteboard

Stage 6

Receiving a micro credential

Your students receive their certificate of Carbon Literacy from The Carbon Literacy Project.

Carbon Literacy Project Certificate

Become a partner today

Working together

The parts of the training program you deliver are intentionally light touch. They are underpinned by these supports from us:

Accrediting your staff

One complementary training place for a member of your team on one of our Carbon Literacy courses for professionals. This way, at least one member of your team will be certified as Carbon Literate.

Student focused learning material

An enriching video series especially designed to accompany Big Zero Carbon Literacy training. Students watch in their own time alongside the training program.

Robust preparation

Two online sessions and a training packet to help you deliver session one.

Avoiding greenwashing

Support to ensure the local, experiential component is a genuinely uplifting eco experience.


We’ve got a list of questions we’ve been asked before, but if you have another, feel free to contact us any time.

How do I customize the program?

We spend time with you to learn about your students and their local setting. We’ll tailor our content to fit.

There’s a framework to the Training Program, but it’s flexible enough to incorporate items that complement your institution’s identity and aims.

You’ll have a dedicated and responsive contact who will discuss your goals and requirements once you’ve had an initial, exploratory video call with us.

Can I pilot Big Zero before committing to offering it to all our students?

Yes. We’d be happy to run training with you and a small group of students so that you can have a sense of Big Zero and get feedback from your students on whether it was valuable to them. About 10 students is a healthy sized group to run a trial with.

Can students catch up if they miss any sessions?

Yes and no. All Big Zero students will have access to a specially made video series to accompany their training as well as other curated resources like podcast episodes. This allows students to do some self-study in their own time.

However, The Carbon Literacy Project requires that all participants take part in all the interactive learning sessions in the program.

What if I need to cancel?

Once we are all ready, the contract between your institutions and Big Zero will cover all the details like cancellation and postponement.   

If you have more, or fewer students on the eve of the program running, that’s fine.  We are accustomed to having fluctuations in the numbers of students, for instance and the contract will accommodate that.

Who assesses the climate action plans and awards the micro-credential?

The Carbon Literacy Project evaluators assess all climate action plans as per their predefined standard. The Carbon Literacy Project is a not–for-profit and registered charity in the UK. The Carbon Literacy Trust is the governance arm of The Carbon Literacy Project and awards the certificates of Carbon Literacy.

Are the certificates given as digital badges?

Yes. You (or your students) will be sent both PDFs and access to a downloadable, digital badge.

Any other questions?

Wonderful, please get in touch.

“Future jobs are jobs related to sustainability. The Big Zero Carbon Literacy micro credential continues to be a wonderful addition to our students' resumes.”
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Shane Duffy

Director of Marist Ireland

Marist College, NY

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