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Big Zero is the story of three people wanting to do their part for safeguarding Earth’s future and the global communities living on it.

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Mark and Karl were looking for a Carbon Literacy training course they could deliver to their study abroad students at Big Pond Education, an education abroad provider in Ireland.

Nothing existed that was bite sized or fired students up to start making changes in their own lives, let alone anything that was locally relevant.  Very little was out there that gave students the space to air their own experiences or was affordable enough to consider using.

Meanwhile, Kate was already delivering virtual Carbon Literacy courses to university staff as part of her training provider, Zeroverse. A chance meeting between Mark, Karl and Kate at a CANIE meeting led to what became Big Zero.

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Inspiring change through Carbon Literacy education

Ultimately, the uptake of a Carbon Literacy microcredential like Big Zero wouldn’t happen if students didn’t care. We continue to be inspired by the passion we see in young people everyday.

We hope that in partnering with us, we will inspire your students to be part of the growing movement to realize a climate solution, and give them the opportunity to be awarded a Carbon Literacy micro credential along the way.

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