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your students
with BigZero

Big Zero is an accredited Carbon Literacy training program.

If you work in higher education, becoming a Big Zero partner will deliver career enhancing green skills to your students.

Mangrove restoration

Meeting your sustainability goals

A credible marker of your institution’s commitment to climate action.

A tried and tested means to bring climate change and positive action into any curriculum.

Seamless integration into your own teaching program.

Laser focused on Gen Z and higher education, including study abroad.

Empowering action

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Tree planting field trip
Mangrove restoration
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at a glance

Big Zero is a robust Carbon Literacy micro credential that is tailored to your student group.  Your students’ journey will include sessions with our Carbon Literacy trainer, and is strengthened through the customized sessions you deliver.

Explaining Carbon Literacy the Big Zero way

Our vision is that Carbon Literacy is more than simply explaining climate change and climate justice.

Big Zero is about inspiring and enabling students to effect positive change. The training program empowers them to take concrete action in their own lives, contributing to the overall effect of thousands of other ‘Carbon Literate’ people.

Tree planting


There are 5 stages to your students gaining the Big Zero Carbon Literacy micro credential.

A member of your staff delivers the first, in person session. Big Zero trainers deliver the following two virtually. We ask that you identify and lead a local visit - The Big Zero Field Trip. Finally, there is a short climate action plan, written by each participant

Making a difference, locally

Climate change can feel overwhelming. The Big Zero Field Trip is key to engaging your students in local initiatives that are part of a bigger solution!

Carbon Literate Organisation Gold accreditation

Fully accredited

Big Zero is fully accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project.

A UK-based charity, the Carbon Literacy Project was included as one of the 100 Transformative Action Programs by the United Nations at COP21 in Paris.

Bite sized, flexible…
and uplifting!

Big Zero takes 12-16 hours to complete and is flexible around your program’s timelines.

There is a mix of delivery styles intentionally designed to encourage engagement.

Young adults and lecturer sharing a conversion in classroom
“Our students love taking Big Zero. The climate is such a concern for them and they really appreciate the space to explore it in the Big Zero journey.”
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Blythe Knott

Director of Overseas and Off-Campus Programs

Lewis & Clark College, OR

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